Toronto Backwater Valve Installation & Backflow Prevention

Backwater Valve Installation in Toronto

In recent years, more Toronto homeowners have experienced flooding first hand than at any point previously. In fact, 5% of summer storm surges are annually recognized by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), as causing flooding which affects residents. Did you know, though, that a simple backwater valve installation could eliminate basement and home flooding concerns?

Why Drain & Sewer Backflow is a Problem

Is your Toronto home sited on level ground at a low elevation? If so, investing in a backwater valve installation could help you offset up to $25,000 in flooding repairs. However, to understand how backflow valves mitigate flooding concerns, it is necessary to understand how and why basement flooding occurs.

Toronto Sewer Basics

Residential drains in Toronto all flow into the local municipal sewer system. This system also collects water from street level drains and is below the city water table. Because of this, rises in groundwater levels during storm surges and snow melts can cause sewer systems to reach maximum capacity very quickly. When sewers struggle to carry wastewater away to treatment facilities fast enough, backups occur. Increased pressure pushes wastewater back up through drains and residential sewer lines. Eventually, this water backs up as far as residential basement drains. Basements then fall victim to flooding as a result.

Backwater Valve System

What is a Backflow Valve?

At its most basic, a backflow valve installation will see a valve installed at the point where property sewer lines connect with main sewer lines. An internal flap system in a backflow valve separates home sewer lines from mains lines. Specifically, in a way which sees flaps lower when pressure is exerted by outflowing wastewater. Conversely, water pressure exerted by wastewater rising through mains sewer lines exerts a force on flaps which keeps them fully closed.

Backwater Valve System
Backwater Valve

Is a Backflow Valve the Same as a Sewer Preventer?

If you are in need of a backflow valve installation in Toronto, you might have come across the term ‘blackflow preventer system.’ These two terms sound similar. However, only a backflow valve can prevent basement flooding by preventing backed up sewer water from entering a property. Backflow prevention devices are different to backflow valves, in that these are designed to prevent the backflow of clean potable water back into a water source.

Backwater Valve Installation Benefits

A backwater valve installation in Toronto is the only guaranteed way to prevent basement flooding from sewer line backups. In fact, unless you live at a high elevation in a completely flood free area, installing a backwater valve is probably essential. After installation, backwater valves also require little maintenance and will usually last as long as most other home plumbing fixtures.

  • Backwater valves are small and discrete, and can usually be hidden out of the way in basements
  • A new backwater valve installation in Toronto can cost from $1,000 to $2,000, whereas average repair costs after flooding start at $25,000
  • The city of Toronto offers subsidies to some homeowners to help cover the cost of a new backwater valve installation
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I Don’t Live in a Flood Risk Area – Do I Need a Backwater Valve?

In recent years, storm surges have increased in intensity. As a result, many homes which have not traditionally suffered from flooding problems have started to experience problems.

If your Toronto home is located on level ground, it needs to be remembered that excess rainwater runoff into neighborhood drains can cause flooding under the right conditions. This is why most new homes are required by Toronto building code to be equipped with backwater valves as standard.

Of course, most home inspection reports will state whether or not a Toronto property is at risk of flooding. Sadly, as has been reported by Canada’s own Global News, many home inspectors in Toronto are not trained to carry out appropriate flood risk assessments. Worse, many municipal flood maps are outdated. Thankfully, Start Drain can help.

If in doubt regarding whether your home is at risk of flooding Start Drain will be more than happy to give you free and impartial advice regarding this matter. All you need to do is call!

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Schnitt Backwater Valve Installation

Do I Still need a Backwater Valve if I have a Sump Pump?

A common misconception is that home sump pump systems can prevent basement flooding just as well as a backwater valve. However, this simply isn’t true. Sump pump systems protect properties from rising groundwater levels. These do not in any way protect properties from flooding caused by sewer backups.

Start Drain Backwater Valve Installation Benefits

Because storm surges are increasing in intensity, the City of Toronto makes subsidies available to homeowners who protect properties by investing in backwater valve installations. However, the City of Toronto only makes subsidies available when homeowners have backwater systems installed by fully licensed and insured plumbing technicians. Start Drain in Toronto are fully licensed and insured. In this case, working with us to protect your home from flooding can see homeowners benefit from financial support from local authorities. Also, as all-round home and commercial plumbing experts, we can help with any home plumbing concern.

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Keep Your Home Dryer Tomorrow by Investing in a Backwater Valve Installation Today

Every year, flooding strikes more Toronto homeowners, many of whom previously believed that their home was located in a flood free area. As well as significant property damage, flooding causes severe disruption to work and living schedules.

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Start Experience the Benefits of Backwater Valve Today

Don’t put your home or family at risk for a moment longer. Instead, call Start Drain today. When you do, we will be able to discuss your options regarding a possible backwater valve installation and what local government funding you might qualify for to help cover the cost.