Clogged Drain Cleaning in Toronto

StartDrain Drip & Clogged Drain Service in Toronto

A clogged drain in Toronto can put your entire home in jeopardy. Flooding and sewage backups can cause thousands of dollars of property damage. Start Drain plumbing, therefore, act fast to remedy clogged drain problems asap.

Signs Your Drain is Clogged

A clogged drain in Toronto isn’t always immediately noticeable. First signs of a drainage issue often appear innocuous. Many homeowners, therefore, put off gurgling and occasional overflows, as nothing more than an inconvenience.
Sadly, gurgling and occasional backups can all be a sign of more severe problems. Most Toronto homes are equipped with single sewer lines. Backups as washing machines empty and other drains are used should, therefore, always be promptly investigated.

Other signs of drain problems can include:

  • Water overflowing into different plumbing fixtures
  • Standing water in yards and gardens
  • Standing (and flowing water) in sewer clean out lines

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Why Hire a Drainage Professionals like StartDrain?

A clogged drain in Toronto should never be taken lightly. Sadly, many homeowners attempt DIY fixes which often cause more harm than good.

Pouring acidic drain cleaners into basins can cause damage to pipes and other plumbing hardware. Worse, over-the-counter drain cleaners will never work to eliminate a clog in main sewer lines. Calling on professional plumbing contractors like Start Drain is, therefore, the only way to effectively remedy drainage concerns.


  • Start Drain uses the latest, plumbing system appropriate tools to investigate blockages
  • After working to inspect drains, Start Drain identifies the most effective (and affordable) means to clear clogs quickly
  • Where necessary, plumbing contractors like ourselves can promptly repair pipes, flush out systems, and eliminate health and hygiene risks
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DIY Drain Cleaning Dangers

After identifying a clogged drain in Toronto, many people’s first instinct is to reach for caustic soda. When this doesn’t work, homeowners might reach for plungers, drain snakes, and more heavy duty chemical agents.
Sadly, DIY drain cleaning methods can result in thousands of dollars of damage to plumbing systems.
Most over-the-counter blockage removal agents profess to be pipe friendly. In every case, though repeated use will cause corrosion. Worse, where a blockage exists in main sewer lines, toxic chemicals will backup into drains. When this happens, basin and bathtub enamel can corrode.

  • Chemical backups pose a significant human health risk
  • Incorrect drain snaking can permanently damage pipes and sewer lines
  • DIY plumbing fixes may work intermittently.
  • Blocked and/or compromised sewer lines
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Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Any number of factors can cause a clogged drain in Toronto. Flushing of inappropriate materials can create sewer line backups. Hairballs in bathroom drains can clog traps. More commonly, even basic soap scum can clog drains and sewer lines.

  • Tree roots can compromise exterior pipework, necessitating repair and occasional replacement
  • Minerals present in mains water can gradually clog drains and interior plumbing systems
  • Small objects and food waste can clog kitchen drains and cause more worrying home septic tank concerns
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Bathroom Drains

Blockages in bathroom drains pose a severe health and safety risk. Thankfully, we act fast to remedy the most stubborn clogs and backup problems.

Clogged Bathtubs

Where bathtub traps are inaccessible, we use pressurized water to shift even the most stubborn hairballs and soap scum.

Clogged Showers

Benefit from fast relief from standing water in shower trays. We investigate, and clear clogged shower drains, while also inspecting general pipe health.

Clogged Floor Drains

Floor drains are easy for foreign objects and general detritus to fall into. We clear such blockages fast while eliminating any chance of future backups.

Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets can be a sign of more serious sewer line problems. We, therefore, clear blockages, while also checking overall sewer systems for defects.

Kitchen Drains

We banish common kitchen drain clogs, using property and pipe specific safe snaking methods.

Clogged Sinks

Clear clogged sinks quickly thanks to fast on-site remediation of soft blockages and mineral buildups.

Basement Drains

Eliminate the risk of basement flooding thanks to expert basement drain cleaning and backup valve installation.

Why Start Drain?

Start Drain knows that a clogged drain in Toronto is more than a nuisance. Unattended to blockages exasperate overtime. This can result in costly repairs in the future.
Unlike other plumbing contractors, we don’t provide temporary drain fixes before awaiting your next call. Instead, we get to the root of problems the first time, every time.
Our telescopic cable and drain snaking technology leaves no room for error or misdiagnosis. We identify the underlying cause of blockages. We then use pipe-friendly power washing, chemical drain cleaning, and bio cleaning methods, to eliminate obstructions.


Calling the Right Plumber Does Make a Difference

Don’t wait for drainage problems around your home to exasperate. Benefit from immediate assistance and affordable plumbing support today, by calling Start Drain now for a no-obligation free estimate.