Commercial Backflow Prevention – New Toronto By-Laws Explained

Back Flow Preventer

If you own a commercial property in Toronto, it is now mandatory to install a backflow prevention device. At its most basic, backflow prevention ensures that potable water supplies are never contaminated by wastewater during flooding. A backflow valve installation can also reduce risks associated with basement flooding.

Basic Backflow Prevention By Law Requirement

City of Toronto water supply by-laws stipulate that backflow prevention devices need to be installed on water supply lines of four building types. Namely, any industrial, commercial, institutional, or multi-residential property, in Toronto and the surrounding metropolitan area.

For full compliance with backflow prevention by-laws, several reporting requirements must be satisfied.

  • Backflow valve installation records must be submitted to the City of Toronto and kept on site at properties for 7-years
  • A new backflow valve installation should be tested at the time of installation, and within 72-hours of existing devices being cleaned, repaired, or serviced
  • Devices need to be tested at least once a year and must be tagged at the time of testing with service record tags
  • Testing and service records must be submitted to the City of Toronto within 7-days

Backflow Prevention Installer & Survey Requirements

Fines for non-compliance with new backflow prevention by-laws can exceed $100,000. For this reason, it is imperative to fulfill survey, installation, and service obligations as promptly as possible. More importantly, only master plumbers with CCCS certification and a City of Toronto plumbing contractor license, are authorized to service and perform new backflow valve installations.

Is your property compliant with Toronto’s backflow prevention by-laws? If not or you are unsure, make sure to reach out to Start Drain today. Once you do, we will clarify any compliance concerns and advise on what survey, installation, or service works might be necessary.

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