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Toronto’s 1st Choice for Commercial Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Start Drain offer reliable and affordable commercial plumbing services to businesses all across Greater Toronto. We provide commercial plumbing services to local businesses, property managers, and landlords.

As part of our commitment to quality, we invest in state-of-the-art plumbing equipment. We are fully licensed in Ontario. We offer transparent, upfront pricing, and reduce business disruption by fixing major and minor commercial plumbing problems quickly.

24/7 Emergency Commercial Plumbers Repairs

As fully licensed and insured commercial plumbers, Start Drain carry out repairs in accordance with Toronto’s strict workplace and multi-residence safety standards. When we arrive on site, we quickly evaluate your business needs. We then implement a leak remediation strategy which will fix plumbing problems quickly, while ensuring full continuity of your business.

Drain Power Flushing

Fix stubborn commercial kitchen drain clogs fast. Start Drain use commercial-grade power flushing equipment, to clear blockages in even heavily clogged drains. We use pressurized water to blast grease and debris through sewer lines. We also modify water pressure so as not to damage delicate pipes and plumbing components.

Frozen Pipe Repair Ontario

Frozen Pipe Thawing Services

Winter in Toronto can bring businesses to a standstill. Whether you are an office, manufacturing plant, or catering company, frozen pipes can lead to chaos. Thankfully, we thaw frozen pipes carefully to avoid pipes bursting. We also repair any resulting leaks on-site, only leaving when your business plumbing is fully operational.

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Frozen Pipe Repairs

When Start Drain thaw pipes slowly, we eliminate risks of pipes bursting. However, we can also work quickly to repair frozen pipes which have burst out of business hours. Even when heating system pipes and large sections of commercial plumbing need replacing, we work quickly and undertake repairs as discretely as possible.

Backflow Valve Installation & Flooding Prevention

Toronto businesses have become increasingly susceptible to flooding. However, heavy rain and flash floods don’t just increase groundwater levels. Sewer and drain water backs up during flooding events. We prevent this from affecting properties by installing reliable backflow valves into business sewer and drainage systems.

Commercial Plumbing

Drain & Sewer Line Video Inspections

As a commercial plumbing service in Toronto, Start Drain clear clogged drains and carry out emergency plumbing repairs on a daily basis. More importantly, when necessary, we use state-of-the-art telescopic cameras to investigate drain and sewer problems and plan remedial action accordingly.

Toronto 24/7 Commercial Plumbing Services

At Start Drain, we pride ourselves on businesses being able to count on us, for any plumbing problem which threatens their business continuity. When you call us, we arrive on-site with everything required to remedy even the most challenging commercial plumbing problem. We are also on call 24/7, even during public holidays.

Commercial Plumbing

Call Now For Immediate Assistance

Even a minor leak or clog in a drain can lead to diminished business productivity. To keep downtime to a minimum, call now and benefit friendly, trustworthy, support, which you can rely on no matter what.


Calling the Right Plumber Does Make a Difference

Don’t wait for drainage problems around your home to exasperate. Benefit from immediate assistance and affordable plumbing support today, by calling Start Drain now for a no-obligation free estimate.