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Start Drain is an extensive plumbing service in Etobicoke. We are accredited and certified to install, repair, and maintain anything involving water supply lines and wastewater management.

Since 2009, Start Drain Etobicoke Plumbing has been efficiently providing plumbing services to Etobicoke. Throughout these many years, our plumbers have gained vast knowledge on all areas plumbing including simple pipe leaks, to significant sewer lines installation and repairs. We have seen and dealt with it all, and that’s why we are the best to solve or prevent any Etobicoke plumbing issues.

Whether it’s an emergency or a simple faucet repair, we are always available 24/7 throughout the entire year. Just call us at 647-898-1059, and we will be glad to offer solutions to your residential, commercial, or industrial plumbing problems.

Certified Etobicoke Plumbing Services

Anytime you require a task handled well, you look for the best professionals to handle your task. When it comes to plumbing, look no further for Start Drain is the best certified company to tackle all your plumbing issues.

Our plumbers utilize modern techniques and advanced technology to make sure they offer a full fix to your plumbing issues. By doing this, they eliminate any chance of facing the same problem in the future.

Our specialists understand the need to offer quick solutions to small plumbing issues. This is why they provide simple do-it-yourself lessons to help you deal with minor plumbing hitches such as sink and bathroom clogs. If the simple fixes they teach you do not work when problems strike, give us a call, and we will send our technicians to your rescue.

Start Drain is certainly not a stranger when it comes to issues surrounding Etobicoke plumbing. We have dealt with busted sewer lines, drainpipes, water lines, faucets, basement flooding, and many other problems surrounding Etobicoke’s residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems. Even when emergency plumbing issues strike, we are prepared to offer solutions.

According to statistics, every household experiences plumbing problems at least once per month or at least once per three months, depending on the preventative measure put in place. Some of the households affected employ professionals to offer solutions while others try to fix it or assume the problem. The reason why some people assume plumbing issues is due to the fear instilled by phony plumbing companies who compromise their security and privacy.

At Start Drain, your safety and privacy come first. As a certified and licensed plumbing company, we are obligated to protect any information you provide to us. All our technicians are also carefully vetted to ensure that your privacy and safety is never compromised.

Call Start Drain’s Licensed Etobicoke Plumbers Today

Are you facing an emergency plumbing issue? Or you require any plumbing related installations? Do not hesitate. Contact us now at 647-898-1059 and let us reduce or prevent damages to your valuable residence or business. You can also contact us online and place your appointment. We are always ready to offer our services at your convenience.

Start Drain is well-equipped to handle installations, repairs, and maintenance of your plumbing systems. We strive to offer you unparalleled services to make sure that your plumbing systems are working at optimal.

Here are a few general steps that we follow to offer the best services;

1) Inspection

This involves a systemic examination of all your plumbing systems. We inspect’:

  • Water coloration for rust
  • Fixtures
  • Valves
  • Water bills vs. water usage
  • The bathroom, washroom, kitchen and laundry room flooring
  • All appliances connected to your plumbing system

2) Maintenance

After inspection, we use the data collected to make any maintenance required.

3) Repair

Our experts repair or replace any damaged pipes and fixtures.

Why Choose Start Drain?

By now, I know you’re wondering why you should consider working with us. Here are a few reasons:

  • Timely and efficient – We are always ready to respond immediately you request our services. Our prompt response minimizes damage and gets your plumbing system running correctly in no time.
  • Affordable and upfront price – Once our technicians inspect your plumbing system, they guide you through the installation or repair process and offer you a complimentary upfront price for the whole process. Our prices are affordable and aimed at providing you with the best solutions.
  • Start Drain uses advanced equipment and techniques to test, repair, and maintain your plumbing systems.
  • Our solutions are long term fixes to your plumbing problems
  • All team follows all the laid out plumbing laws and codes
  • We are available 24/7 – Whether it’s on a weekend or Christmas Eve, we are always available to tackle your emergency plumbing issues.
  • Professional team – Our team consists of licensed and experienced plumbers with all the knowledge needed to locate and fix your plumbing issues.

Maintain your Sump Pump in Etobicoke

A sump pump plays a significant role in the prevention of basement flooding. A sump pump, just as the name suggests, pumps out water from a sump basin found in the basements of homes prone to flooding due to rains or high groundwater levels. Water is directed to the sump basin by perimeter drains used in basement waterproofing systems.

At Start Drain, we have experienced sump pump experts who can install, repair, and maintain your sump pump to keep your basement safe from floods.

Give us a call at 647-898-1059 and keep your sump pump running as required.

Start Drain Etobicoke Water Damage Clean up Solutions

When water starts to leaks or sewer pipes bursts, our water damage clean-up team is always prepared to offer you instant solutions and mitigate any damages to your property.

In case you’re faced with flooded basements, broken water supply lines, overrunning tabs or back-ups, give us a call, and we will send our water damage clean up team. These services are available 24/7 throughout the year.

Etobicoke Plumbing Backflow Prevention

Backflows are distressing, expose us to diseases, and they cause damage to our residence. This can be prevented by installing a backwater valve. This valve allows wastewater to flow out of your house and blocks any backflow. This prevents any backflow, keeping your home protected whenever the main sewer lines are clogged or flooded.

Here’s a list of our plumbing services:

  • Backflow prevention
  • Commercial plumbing services
  • Drain power flushing
  • Drain repair services
  • Drain sewer video inspection
  • Facilities management
  • Faucet repair
  • Industrial plumbing services
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Pipe thawing services
  • Residential plumbing services
  • Sump pits
  • Sump pump installation and upkeep
  • Water softener installation
  • Waterproofing


Calling the Right Plumber Does Make a Difference

Don’t wait for drainage problems around your home to exasperate. Benefit from immediate assistance and affordable plumbing support today, by calling Start Drain now for a no-obligation free estimate.