How to Prevent Rust Stains in Your Toilet

How to Prevent Rust Stains in Your Toilet

Keeping your toilet clean is a task that can’t be skipped. The sight of dirty, filthy, stained toilet must be avoided at all costs. I didn’t mean you should avoid looking at it, but rather clean it and prevent it from happening ever again. But, before you do, it’s important to understand what causes the stains from appearing, as this is directly related to their prevention.

Rust Stains: Why They Occur?

Simply speaking, stains occur because toilet’s water supply has elevated iron content. In the water supply, whether it’s a private well or commercial water supply, the oxygen levels are low, therefore water there is crystal clear. But when water reaches your toilet and other appliances, oxygen supply is far higher, which creates chemical reaction with the minerals in water – oxidation. Oxidation is the process of rusting.
But what to do when this has been discovered after the rust is already visible?

How to Remove Rust Stains?

In most cases rust stain removal is simple task and doesn’t require special skills. You can do it by yourself with equipment that can be bought in the closest home depot. Iron and rust stain removers. These products are made for the exact purpose – remove the rust stains. What makes them even better? They are cheap and  simple to use. Commercial rust remover

  1. Pour the remover in the toilet according to the instructions
  2. Scrub it all over the stains
  3. Scrubbing should take no more than few minutes and you should see immediate results
  4. Crystal-clear result might take several times of cleaning, in that case – flush the toilet and repeat the steps 1. and 2. until desired result is achieved
  5. When the stains are removed – flush toilet few times, to remove the chemicals
  6. Afterwards, clean it once with regular toilet cleaner, to make sure – no chemicals are left Household remover (Vinegar + Baking soda)

Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier for commercial remover and watch your toilet shine.
NOTE: this might be less effective than commercial cleaners, therefore unable to clean all the stains.

How to Prevent Rust Stains?

Now that we finally got rid of the dirty, rusty stains, let’s make sure they don’t return.

  1. Clean it regularly.
    Don’t worry, no more rubbing. Simply clean your toilet once a week with appropriate cleaner. Weekly cleaning will remove the mineral buildup, not giving them enough time to create stains.
  2. Use filters and/or softener.
    Let me guess, frequent toilet cleaning is not really your most favored task right? Same here. That’s why I recommend you to use iron filter and softener. While cleaning fights the symptoms, filters and softeners deal with the problem right at the source. Simply, iron filters and softeners reduce the amount of iron in your water. Some of them are even designed with specific purpose – to fight rust.
  3. Replacing the pipes.
    Sometimes, especially in old houses, the only option to completely eradicate rusting is replacing the pipes. If your plumbing consists of decades old iron pipes, then they will continue to rust until they are replaced.

The bottom line:

As you see, rust stains are not that big of a deal, they can be removed in less than a couple of hours with cheap, simple-to-use products. Now, if you’re in the old iron pipe situation, then it does get bit more complicated. Same removal products, filters and maintenance will help, but the rust will keep returning until the pipes get replaced.

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