Shutting off the main water valve

Water Shut Off Valve 1

You need to know how to switch off your house’s main water valve. This is an activity that every family needs to know. It really comes in handy in the face of a disaster. Sometimes, you just want the water to flow throughout. Remember, indoor plumbing allows execution of activities such as using the bathroom, brushing teeth, showering, bathing, cleaning clothes and washing dishes. But this should not give you the freedom to let the water run anyhow in your house.

There are instances that should prompt you to switch off the water. For instance:

In the event of a disaster

A leaking pipe will not accord you enough time to repair. Firstthing, switchoff your house’s water valve. This will prevent any possible damages that accrue from leaking pipes.

Preventive measure

If you will be traveling, it is important you switch off that water valve. This a precautionary measure, that will be of much benefit to you. You just never know when you water pipe might bust. It is important that you shut the water valve. In fact, you will be very comfortable wherever you will be. No need to worry about leaking pipes or damages that might occur in your house. Make sure you shut the water valve prior to setting out for that trip. It will be of great benefit to you.

Where is it located

Thewater valve is located in different areas. These areas are closer to the main water entry point into your house. The places include:

  • Subterranean wall, in front of your house
    This is where the water valve is located if your house is equipped with a crawlspace or basement.
  • Water heater
    This is the ideal location for your water main valve if your house is on a strong slab. For some people, it may be difficult to locate their main water valve. This means you should take a stroll outside to find it. Go out in the street and locate the available water meter box. This is where your main water valve might be located. In case you still don’t find it, reach out to Startdrain and seek help.

Usually, the key water valves have diverse tool requirements. For example, Valves situated:

  • Inside your home
    These ones can be shut off by using your hand. Just turn it in a clockwise manner to prevent the flow of water.
  • In a water box
    In this instance, you will need a working meter key. This key can be acquired from a home improvement store or local hardware. A screwdriver or crescent can work in place of a water meter key. The water valve is always located closer to your house. Turn the valve clockwise to stop water from flowing.


Turning off your house’s main water valve should be undertaken with a lot of precautions. There is a possibility you might cause some complications to the water flow. Whenever you switch off that main water valve, release pressure into the water pipes. Switch on the cold and hot water from your home faucet, to a point where the water runs no more. This practice will save you money, heartache, stress and time. In case you need more plumbing tricks and tips reach out to Startdrain.

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