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Simi Valley Sewer Repair

A damaged sewer can bring your household to a standstill. It leaves you unable to use important amenities such as the toilet and generally makes daily chores harder. Oaks Drain Service is here to ensure that you do not have to suffer such inconveniences on account of a damaged sewer.

Our team of expert plumbers will come with state-of-the-art equipment such as Hydro-Jetters to repair your sewer in no time, and ensure your system is fully operational. What’s more, we offer the best Simi Valley sewer repair estimates.

What Are the Causes of a Sewer Clog?

Your sewer pipes can become clogged and cause back up in your kitchen sink or toilet. This could be as a result of:

  • Flushing Solid Materials Down the Toilet – Flushing anything other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet can cause clogging of the sewer pipes. To prevent this, ensure that you do not flush down anything that cannot dissolve in water.
  • Tree Roots – Some older sewer pipes were made of porous materials such as clay. If a growing tree root latches onto such a pipe, it will eventually grow into the pipes to reach the water. Further growth of the root will break the pipe, causing a clog.

Our plumbers at Oaks Drain Service will carry out a problem diagnosis to identify the cause of your sewer problem. This will enable them to rectify the issue and stop further damage.

Signs of A Broken Sewer Pipe

It’s fairly easy to tell when your sewer system is acting up. Usually, your air, water, or gas systems will stop functioning properly. These are the signs that should alert you of a broken sewer pipe:

  • Sewer Odor – The smell of sewer gas in the house is one tell-tale sign of a broken sewer. Sanitary sewers are air-tight and should not be able to give off any odor. This only happens when they’re cracked or open.
  • Mold – When a sewer line is broken behind the walls, mold begins to grow due to the moisture. If you notice mold growth on your walls or ceiling, you should have your sewer checked for leakages.

Repair Options for a Broken Sewer

Some drain issues can easily be resolved without calling a professional. For sewer repair, however, you should seek the services of a certified plumber as the repairs may require special tools such as an electric drain cleaner. Some of the repair methods used during sewer repair include:

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Method – In this method, the plumber makes two small access holes, where the damaged pipe starts and where it ends. The new pipe is installed by pulling it through the damaged pipe, bursting it. This is the ideal method if you want minimum disturbance to your property, such as on the lawn.
  • Video Inspection – An in-line video camera is used to inspect the sewer lines to identify where the problem lies. This leads to faster diagnosis and repair. During this process, a radio transmitter records the exact location of the line and specifies its position under the surface to allow for accurate planning and pricing estimation.

Get Quick Sewer Fixes

Oaks Drain Service is your go-to company for Simi Valley sewer repair services. We’ll give you a free estimate, access your sewer line, and fix your broken branch and sewer lines. Contact us on (805) 492-0493 and let us repair or replace your damaged sewer today.

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