Sump Pump Installation Toronto

Toronto Installation of Sump Pump & Sewage

In recent years, Toronto has seen more than its fair share of flooding. Because of this, sump pump installation is mandated by authorities in some city areas. Sump pumps prevent groundwater from damaging property foundations. More importantly, a sump pump installation is vital when remodeling a basement.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a groundwater management system. A sump pump installation will usually be sunken into a sump pit in a property basement. However, pumps can also be installed in cavities below property crawl spaces with special plumbing systems. During heavy rain and flooding, groundwater levels rise. As soon as this happens, excess stormwater starts to accumulate in sump pit areas. If left unattended (or if no sump pit is present), water will backup into basements and crawl spaces. This can lead to thousands of dollars of property damage.

Using an Automatic Sump Pump Installation to Prevent Flooding

When a sump pump is present in a Toronto property, rising groundwater is pumped out of sump pit areas automatically. Pumps activate automatically, thanks to specialized flotation switches. Excess storm and groundwater is then pumped into backup valve protected drainage lines.

Sump Pump

Is Your Toronto Property at Risk of Flooding?

Sump pump installations activate automatically using flotation switches. For this reason, a sump pump installation eliminates risks associated with flooding. Moreover, in some cases, sump pumps can even help lower property insurance premiums.


  • A sump pump installation is vital when properties are located at lower elevations
  • Sump pumps eliminate the risk of flooding after heavy rainfall
  • A sump pump will eliminate basement damp
  • Excess water caused by melting snow can be channeled away from properties using a sump pump
Sump Pump
Ds150 Vortex Domestic Sump Pump

Protecting a Sump Pump Installation Against Power Outages

A sump pump installation is the only guaranteed way to protect a property from flooding. However, sump pumps require electricity to operate. During storm surges, power outages are frequent. For this reason, Start Drain provide battery operated backup power supplies with every new sump system. Providing that systems are adequately maintained, backup battery support will allow a sump pump to keep working, even during prolonged power outages.

  • Chemical backups pose a significant human health risk
  • Incorrect drain snaking can permanently damage pipes and sewer lines
  • DIY plumbing fixes may work intermittently.
  • Blocked and/or compromised sewer lines
Rhv220 2 80mm

How to Choose the best Basement Waterproofing System

Sump pumps prevent flooding and sewage backups. However, plumbing and draining systems do vary from property to property.

  • A sump pump needs to be the correct size for a property
  • Some home sewage systems won’t be able to cope with extra water discharge
  • Sump pits need to be of an exact size
  • During winter, care needs to be taken to prevent discharge lines from freezing
  • Electrical systems and backups need to be safely installed and regularly maintained

Several variables need considering when installing a new sump pump. In every case, Toronto homeowners should, therefore, discuss their basement waterproofing needs with professionals like ourselves.

Rhv220 2 80mm

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