Sump Pump System Maintenance in Toronto

Toronto Sump Pump System Maintenance How do You Service a Sump Pump?

A sump pump system is the most reliable way to prevent basement damp and flooding. However, sump pump systems must be subject to regular maintenance. If not, key components may fail when you need them most.

Sump Pump Maintenance Essentials

Like all mechanical and electrical apparatus, different components in a sump pump system can fail. This is especially true for electrical systems designed to operate where water is present. In the event of drainage lines becoming clogged, water backups can cause irreparable damage to sump pump systems. Clogged ventilation holes and tripping circuits can also cause pumps to fail. Thankfully, regular maintenance can prevent mechanical failure of even in older sump systems.

StartDrain Sump Pump Servicing

Toronto homeowners need to service sump pump systems at least once a year. DIY checks should also be carried out just before heavy rain or snowfall.

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Thorough Pump Diagnostics

Sump pump units can fail due to a variety of water intake, valve, and impeller problems. Moreover, DIY maintenance will never be enough to identify issues with internal mechanical components. Start Drain, therefore, provide thorough sump pump inspections.

During service inspections, we ensure the full operability of all valves, moving parts, and electrical circuits.


  • Start Drain maintenance includes thorough valve, inlet, and vent cleaning
  • While servicing sump pumps, we clean and remove sediment from sump pits
  • During testing, we check the sensitivity and operability of automatic sump pump switches and alarms
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Sump Pump Repair

Drainage Lines & Basement Damp

A sump pump system automatically pumps water away from a property to prevent flooding. For this reason, it is imperative that drainage lines are kept clear and adequately insulated against freezing. Start Drain plumbing ensures the free flow of water through drainage lines. To protect electrical circuits from shorting, we can also reseal basements and crawlspaces to prevent excess damp.

Electrical Checks & Battery Replacement

Every sump pump system requires electricity to function. Most installations, therefore, include backup battery systems. These ensure that pumps will continue to operate during power outages. At Start Drain, we ensure that all mains connected systems are properly grounded. We also test and replace batteries, as well as ensure that pumps switch to backup (battery) mode automatically when necessary.

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Mechanical Repairs & Upgrades

Every home waterproofing system will wear over time. However, at Start Drain, we prolong even older sump pump lifetimes. Where individual components can be replaced, we do so in advance of problems manifesting. When we feel that systems need fully reconditioning or replacing, we also guarantee not to be beaten on price.

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DIY Vs. Professional Sump Pump Maintenance

Toronto homeowners can check the basic operability of a sump pump in a number of ways.

  • Pouring water into sump pits is an easy way to check for flotation switch problems
  • Homeowners can check pump vents and inlets for obstructions
  • Ensuring that pumps are standing upright and that pipes are tightly joined, can prevent many common maintenance problems

What Toronto homeowners should never do is tamper with sump pump electrical components, or attempt to disassemble a pump. Instead, more thorough maintenance should always be undertaken by skilled professionals like Start Drain.

Clogged Drains Drain Cleaning Service


Calling the Right Plumber Does Make a Difference

Start Drain offsets the expense of last-minute sump pump replacements. Get your home ship shape and ready for winter. Call now and benefit from a dryer, flood free home, regardless of what sump system you might currently be using.