Toronto Drain Camera Inspections

Drain Camera in Toronto

If you’re based in Toronto and are suffering from repeat drain problems, there is only one solution. Scheduling a camera inspection of a problem drain is the only way to identify the underlying cause of repeat backups.

At Start Drain, our licensed plumbers carry out comprehensive camera surveys of Toronto drains. We identify pipe defects fast. More importantly, after conducting inspections, work to remedy problems as expeditiously as possible.

What is a Drain Camera Inspection?

Drain problems tend to manifest at the worst possible moment. Moreover, identifying the root cause of a clog or backup isn’t always easy.

Drain lines which run below ground are impossible to inspect visually. The Start Drain solution to this problem is to use telescopic camera equipment, similar to a traditional drain snake. In doing so, internal pipe surveys allow our technicians to identify blockages, collapses, and tree root infestations.

How Long Does a Camera Inspection Take?

Toronto drain camera inspections can take up to three hours, depending on property sizes and drain specifics. Surveys of main drain lines can be completed relatively quickly. However, investigations which follow different drain branches can take considerably longer.

Camera Inspection Toronto

Why is a Drain Camera Inspection Essential?

As soon as drain problems manifest, residential and commercial property owners reach for off-the-shelf chemical acid drain cleaners. However, recurring problems are a sure sign of more severe drain problems. Aside from digging, camera surveys are the only guaranteed way to identify the exact cause of drain problems.

  • Camera inspections are 100% pipe-friendly
  • Visual surveys check pipes for damage internally, right up to where drain lines meet municipal sewer lines
  • Pinpointing specific pipe areas where there seems to be a problem, minimizes later digging and hastens repair work
  • Camera surveys document defects and reports can be used to liaise with insurance companies when planning repairs
Camera Inspection Toronto
Camera Inspection

Common Toronto Drain Line Problems

Modern drain and sewer lines in Toronto are made using PVC and ABS plastic. However, up until the 1980s, drains were predominantly clay pipe based.

While they used to be the industry standard, clay pipes are notoriously prone to tree root infestation and cracking. Meanwhile, more modern PVC pipes are still susceptible to damage caused by earth movements, foreign objects, and grease buildups.


Start Drain Camera Inspections Vs DIY Surveys

Carrying out a DIY drain survey is possible. However, only Start Drain in Toronto gives property owners the benefit of state-of-the-art inspections undertaken by local plumbing experts.

Start Drain telescopic cameras reach further into drains, are self-righting, and relay higher definition images than DIY inspection kits. Our skilled plumbers also know exactly what to look for when inspecting drains. This means that we can get to work fast repairing problems, as soon as inspections are complete.


Don’t let future repair costs spiral out of control by putting off drain problems until later. Call Start Drain today to benefit from a fast, friendly, low-cost camera inspection. We’ll identify problems fast and give you free, no-obligation advice concerning the best way to remedy any problems we uncover.