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Toilet Plumber In Toronto

Toilet plumbing problems can be embarrassing. Some Toronto plumbers take advantage of this. Specifically, by draining checking accounts as well as problem cisterns. At Start Drain, we don’t. Call now for expert repairs and new toilet installations all across Greater Toronto.

Clogged Toilets

When plunging a clogged toilet doesn’t work, it’s time to call in expert assistance. If other bathroom drains are clogged, flush problems will likely be due to sewer line blockages. Start Drain removes blockages by performing pipe-friendly drain snaking. When necessary, we can also repair compromised sewer lines.

Leaking Tanks & Cisterns

Toilets use 1.6 to 7 gallons of water per flush. Leaking tanks and cisterns can, therefore, cause considerable damage to floors, ceilings, and bathroom surrounds. Often caused by degraded seals, Start Drain repair toilet tank leaks fast. We also offer 1-year warranty on all repairs undertaken by our service people.

Running Toilets

Sediment and corrosion of flapper seals between toilet tanks and bowls can lead to toilets running in perpetuity. Running toilets waste water and will often fail to flush correctly. Start Drain corrects running and pressure problems by replacing compromised seals. Our technicians are also capable of identifying and fixing other common flush problems.

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New Toilet Supplies & Installations

Buying and installing a new toilet requires precise attention to detail. Tank size and water consumption need to be considered. Modifications to wall and floor space may also need to be undertaken. Thankfully, we can supply, install, and connect new toilets to mains and sewer lines with expert precision.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Start Drain technicians are hand-picked for their plumbing experience, industry knowledge, and all-important rapport with Toronto homeowners. Where a plunger won’t suffice, we use state-of-the-art telescopic camera equipment to investigate and remove problem blockages. This confidence in our craft extends to a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all parts and labor. When a new tank or bowl installation might be required, we also provide Toronto property owners with the best prices on all the latest (and most water efficient) toilet models.

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StartDrain & Smarter Toilet Plumbing

Start Drain is the best-kept secret in residential and commercial plumbing in Toronto.

As well as 24/7 emergency call-outs, Start Drain are problem toilet specialists. We repair leaks. We unclog sewer lines. Most importantly of all, no toilet plumbing problem is too big for us to tackle.

Toilet backups and sewer line problems can cause chaos. For this reason, we offer same day toilet plumbing repairs all across Toronto. Our expert technicians can also help identify the right new toilet bowl and tank for even space restrictive bathrooms.

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Peace of Mind is Just a Call Away

Where soapy water or plunging won’t clear a clog, it is imperative to reach out to toilet plumbing experts. Not doing so can result in damage to toilets and property sewer lines. For the expert help you need, call or contact Start Drain now for a no-obligation free estimate.


Calling the Right Plumber Does Make a Difference

Don’t wait for drainage problems around your home to exasperate. Benefit from immediate assistance and affordable plumbing support today, by calling Start Drain now for a no-obligation free estimate.