Toronto Water Service Installation & Upgrades

Water Service Installation in Toronto

Your water service line is the main water line which carries water from the Toronto mains supply into your home. Contrary to popular opinion, the onus to replace and repair a water service rests on Toronto homeowners, not municipal authorities. Moreover, replacement of a water service is recommended, even when service lines themselves are undamaged.

Eliminating Lead in Potable Water

In Toronto, lead pipes were used in water service lines up until 1975. Today, new health guidelines prohibit the use of lead. Upgrading and replacing older lines is, therefore, encouraged by Toronto’s Lead Water Service Replacement Program. Via this scheme, property owners who replace their private water service will benefit from free replacement of pipe sections owned by the City of Toronto.

New Water Service Installations

If you are a property developer or engaged in a self-build, Start Drain can take care of the installation of your new water service. We identify the correct gauge of pipe and can also install City of Toronto compliant water meters.

Toronto Water Service Installation & Upgrades

Water Service Upgrading & Replacement

Where an existing water service is in place, Start Drain can fully replace lines and plan upgrades around free replacement of lead pipe sections owned by the City of Toronto. This minimizes disruption, and a new service will be usable on the same day upgrades take place.

Removal of Lead Piping

When replacing a water service in Toronto, Start Drain can identify and remove all necessary sections of lead piping in and around a property. Doing so eliminates risks associated with lead in drinking water and can add market value to properties.

Smart Water Meter Installation

By law, every property connected to the Toronto mains is required to be fitted with an approved smart water meter. Start Drain can provide replacement and new installation of compliant water meters with every water service installation and upgrade.

Toronto Water Service Installation & Upgrades

Start Drain is the #1 Choice for Water Service Installation in Toronto

Start Drain is fully licensed and insured in Toronto. This is important, as the City of Toronto will only replace city-owned sections of lead piping free of charge when property owners work with trusted plumbers like ourselves.

A standard property water service is made up of two sections of piping. Private property owners are responsible for the length of pipe which runs from a property to the mains. When working with Start Drain to replace a lead water service, the City of Toronto will replace the section of pipe which connects service lines to the mains free of charge. An application to schedule replacement can be found here.


To discuss the replacement of your lead water service or to connect a new property, call Start Drain today. Once you do, we will provide a free, no-obligation quote, and talk you through the process of scheduling installation in tandem with the replacement of city-owned pipe sections by municipal authorities.