Unclogging a bathtub drain

Clogged Bathtub Drain

A clogged bathtub drain is stressful. It denies you that comfort and pleasure of taking a refreshing shower. This might prompt you to find a reliable remedy to unclog your bathtub. Honestly speaking, there are many methods you can use to unclog your bathtub drain. Unfortunately, not all of them will serve you well. For instance, chemical drain cleaning might help but it is very harmful. Continuous use of chemicals might damage water pipes. Besides, chemicals contain toxic substances that have a tendency of polluting water. This means you need to find a safer and reliable remedy. This is where the use of home remedies and natural methods come in. They are not only easy to use but also environmentally friendly. You will unclog your bathtub drain within the least time possible. Below are some of the best remedies as suggested by Startdrain Plumbing Company:

Get rid of easily accessible gunk

First, remove the stopper. If there is a drain plug, use a screwdriver to remove it. Once you remove the plug, take out any debris or hairs that might have accumulated there. Instead of using your hands, you can use a wire to remove that dirt. Ensure the wire is well curved, to hold the dirt well before removing it.

In some instances, once you have removed the debris and other dirt, the drain will become functional. Pour hot water into the bathtub drain to complete the process. If the water is still stagnant, this means there is still a blockage situated down the drain. It is high time you employ other remedies to restore the bathtub’s drainage system.

Pour Boiled water

You can boil water then pour into your bathtub drain. Boiled water not only dissolves any soap scum but it also dislodges any dirt buildup. Besides you can also pour baking soda then vinegar to loosen any dirt buildup.

Use a quality plunger

Do not just use any type of plunger. Ensure it is strong and of the required standard. First, generate a vacuum by plugging the overflow bathtub drain. This is done by removing the bathtub faucet’s cover plate. Then insert a hand towel or washcloth into the bathtub hole to prevent air from escaping.

Then put that plunger over your bathtub drain, fill the bathtub with some hot water. Do a number of thrusting to restore the proper flow of water in your bathtub.

Plumbers Snake

If the tub remains clogged, it is time to use a more reliable method. You can use a plumber’s snake or auger. Basically, a plumber’s snake is a long and flexible cable. It has a hand crack on one side and a coiled spring on that other side.

Direct this long cable into your bathtub train until it reaches the clog. Ensure it has gotten hold of the clog. You can now pull it out to remove the dirt clogging your bathtub drain. The drainage system will be restored.

Reach out to Startdrain Plumbing

If you do not have the time to unclog your bathtub, you can use professional assistance. Startdrain Plumbing company is ever ready to offer assistance. We provide quick and affordable bathtub drain clearing services. Call us today and we will help you unclog your tub drain.

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