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Water Softener Installation in Toronto – What are the Benefits?

A water softener installation can prolong the lifetime of Toronto plumbing systems. Calcium and magnesium in mains water, leave calcified deposits in pipes. Over time, these deposits narrow pipes and appliance inlets. This can necessitate full plumbing system and appliance replacement. Thankfully, Start Drain can act preemptively to prolong pipe lifetimes. Specifically, by installing systems which remove hard water minerals at source. Is hard water ruining your home plumbing and appliances? Don’t wait for calcium deposits to wreck your dishwasher, hot water system, or washing machine. Call Start Drain today and ask how a water softener installation can benefit your home plumbing.

What is a Water Softener?

Hard water is caused by high levels of calcium and magnesium in Toronto mains water. Over time, hard water causes limescale which clogs pipes and ruins mains water fed home appliances.
A water softener installation prevents limescale by removing calcium and magnesium as water enters home plumbing systems. Salt-based water softeners do this by filtering water, while simultaneously exchanging positively charged calcium and magnesium ions for ‘softer’ pipe-friendly sodium. Some mineral ions will still be present in mains water, even after the installation of a water softener. However, by reversing the charge of ions, calcium is forced to crystallize. When crystallized, calcium is unable to attach to pipes, appliances, or other plumbing fixtures.

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Do You Need a Water Softener?

Hard water is not a human health concern. In fact, many Toronto homeowners are accustomed to hard water. However, high levels of calcium and magnesium can cause noticeable problems.

  • Hard water makes it harder for soap to foam. This results in soap scum residue and forces appliances like dishwashers to work harder
  • High levels of calcium and magnesium present in water result in laundry feeling rough after washing
  • Bathing in hard water can result in dull, lifeless hair and diminished skin softness
  • Limescale can build up quickly in water fed appliances, reducing their usable lifetime

If your skin feels scratchy and you find yourself missing the luxuriously soft feel of fresh laundry, you likely have a hard water problem. Moreover, if after washing dishes by hand you notice water stains in basins after draining, you definitely live in a hard water area.

Women drink Water after Softener
Water Softener

Other signs you need a water softener can include:

  • Recurring home plumbing problems
  • Grey, lifeless looking laundry
  • High water and home energy bills
  • Stains and tidemarks in sinks and bathtubs
  • Brittle glassware

Toronto homeowners often attribute common hard water symptoms to other factors. Faulty appliances and use of the wrong detergent is often blamed for dull laundry. However, many problems will be eliminated immediately after installation of a new home water softener.

Features of a Water Softener

After installation of a new water softener, Toronto homeowners often report skin feeling softer. However, it is crucial to choose home water softeners carefully.

  • Some water softening systems increase water usage
  • A water softener may require regular servicing and replenishment of salt cartridges
  • Water softening systems can need regular cleaning
  • Home water softening systems can vary considerably in size

At Start Drain, we identify the most low-cost water softening systems for different deployments. Our plumbing technicians can also help Toronto homeowners decide what filtration system (salt-free or traditional salt based) is most suitable for their property size and level of water consumption.

Water Softener Installation

Benefits of Softened Water

Water softener benefits manifest immediately after installation. As well as softer skin and hair, homeowners will notice that soap lathers easily. As a result, bathing becomes more pleasurable, and less detergent is required for everyday domestic cleaning.

  • Brighter and noticeably soft to the touch laundry
  • Shinier, cleaner looking glassware and crockery
  • Lower monthly water and home energy bills
  • Limescale free faucets and appliance connections
  • Elimination of water stains in sinks and on floor tiles after washing
  • Reduced home plumbing repairs

Because softened water allows soap to lather freely, water softeners can provide long-term cost savings. Less detergent will is required per laundry cycle, and appliances use less energy and break down far less frequently

Water Softener Installation
Water Softener Process

How Water Softeners Work

Hard water can be treated using salt-based home water softeners. These are mains connected appliances which filter incoming water through a bed of resin. As water is filtered, positively charged calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium particles. Water which enters a home is, therefore, free of minerals which can attach to pipes and cause limescale. As well as salt-based water softeners, hard water can also be treated chemically. Salt-free systems do this by altering the composition of hard water minerals in a way which leaves these unable to cling to pipes, clothing, or human hair and skin.

Salt-Based Water Softeners Vs. Salt-Free Water Softeners

With low-quality salt-based water softeners, people occasionally report being able to taste salt in connected tap water. This frightens some homeowners into opting for salt-free systems. However, it is important to remember that salt-free water softeners do not physically remove mineral deposits from hard water. In this case, some softened water benefits can be lost.

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Start Drain Home Water Softener Installation

Start Drain is Toronto’s most trusted residential plumbing service. Because of this, we educate homeowners concerning the pros and cons of different water softeners. With every water softener installation, we make sure that homeowners are fully aware how systems work. Where necessary, we advise homeowners how to change salt cartridges, resin beds, and care for installations. We also idenbtify the best location to install softener systems, and provide comprehensive warranty on all parts and labor.

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Start Experience the Benefits of Soft Water Today

Do you have a hard water problem? If so, call Start Drain to discuss your options. We offer unbiased advice regarding the best water softener models on the market. We can also install systems which are backed by our own Start Drain guarantee.